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The Iowa Land Title Association (ILTA) Certified Land Title Professional Program is a series of educational courses for title industry professionals.  The program encompasses basic industry knowledge as well as advanced curriculum.  All courses are considered graduate level courses and are designed for persons with at least 3 years of experience in a related field.  The course exams are required only for persons pursuing the ILTA Certified Land Title Professional designation and requires a 90% exam score to pass.


The ILTA Certified Land Title Professional Courses:

*  Chain of Title Course One: Voluntary Alienation 
*  Chain of Title Course Two: Involuntary Alienation 
*  Legal Descriptions
*  Legal Entities and Special Circumstances.  

The courses and exams are provided at the University of Northern Iowa campus in Cedar Falls and remotely at the Iowa Finance Authority in Des Moines (except for Legal Descriptions at UNI only). Information on course schedules and registration opportunities will be posted on this site. 

Chain of Title Voluntary Alienation - 2021 Date TBD
Chain of Title Involuntary Alienation - 2021 Date TBD
Legal Descriptions - 2021 Date TBD
Legal Entities & Special Circumstances - 12/4/20

Courses are offered to both members and non-members of the Iowa Land Title Association.

ILTA CLTP Application Form   
ILTA CLTP Renewal Application Form    

Membership in the ILTA is required to obtain and maintain the designation of ILTA Certified Land Title Professional
.  Membership opportunities are available on the Join Us page of the website or by contacting the ILTA office at
ILTA@austin.rr.com or (800) 778-3789.  Temporary Membership Suspension may be available for ILTA CLTPs.  Contact the ILTA office for more information and application form.


  • To create recognizable standards and a goal of professionalism among title persons in the land title industry.
  • To enhance personal pride, self-esteem and commitment to the land title industry.
  • To encourage title persons to expand their education and abilities to achieve excellence in the performance of their duties and responsibilities.
  • To stimulate awareness and development of characteristics of professionalism to serve and contribute to the welfare of the land title industry and to the citizens of Iowa.
  • To recognize and reward those title persons who fulfill the standards prescribed for experience, education and professional participation, and following written examination, merit the approval of the Iowa Land Title Associations' Board of Directors and are awarded the designation of the Iowa Land Title Association's Certified Land Title Professional (CLTP).

    Notice of Disclaimer:  The Iowa Land Title Association (ILTA) Certified Land Title Professional (CLTP) Program is a series of educational and informational courses for title industry professionals that have been developed in collaboration with the University of Northern Iowa (UNI) Center for Real Estate Education.  Every reasonable effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in the CLTP program.  However, no liability is assumed by the ILTA, its officers, directors, committee members or employees in the accuracy or presentation of these courses, either verbally or in writing.  No warranty for any particular purpose, either expressed or implied, is granted by ILTA to anyone utilizing the course information and instruction provided by the CLTP Program.

The ILTA Certified Land Title Professional Program is a series of educational programs for land title professionals.