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The Iowa Land Title Association Title Plant Certification Program was created in 2009 as a voluntary program to complement the ILTA Certified Land Title Professional Program and provide member title companies an opportunity to differentiate themselves from their competition.  Membership opportunties are available on the Join Us page of the website or by contacting the ILTA office at ILTA@austin.rr.com or (800) 778-3789.

Member firms that have had successful plant inspections, per ILTA records, may enroll in the program by completing and returning a signed affidavit (and inspection fee) confirming that their plant is actively maintained and meets all established criteria for a viable title plant.  Those firms may immediately promote their plant as Certified:  Instruction Form          Affidavit

A firm that has not had its title plant previously inspected would not be able to promote its plant as Certified until a successful inspection has been done:  Instruction Form

In order to retain its Certified status, a plant must be inspected every seven (7) years.  A certificate will be presented to the plant's owner upon each successful inspection.  Recertification Application

If a plant has not been inspected since January 1, 1989, then the first inspection under this program will be a 40-year or government entry inspection.  If a plant has been inspected after that date, then its first inspection under this program will be from the date of the last inspection.  Inspections will be scheduled upon return of the necessary documents.

ILTA will provide certificates for successful inspections, and provide an ILTA Certified Title Plant Logo that may be incorporated into a company's certificate page or for other marketing purposes.  Please note that this logo is trademarked by the association and may be used only by permission of the ILTA  for purposes of marketing by members successfully enrolled in the program


The Title Plant Inspection Committee of the Iowa Land Title Association (ILTA) has made every effort in its inspection and certification of title plants to ensure that said title plants meet the minimum standards of the ILTA in accuracy and completeness.  However, no liability is assumed by ILTA, its officers, directors, committee members or employees in the certification of any title plant, either verbally, in writing or on the ILTA website.  No warranty, either expressed or implied, is granted from ILTA to anyone utilizing any title plant certified by ILTA, whether directly in preparation of title search products or indirectly in the interpretation and/or examination of title search products.